Unarguably, Africa is blessed with interesting and beautiful tribes.From the Yorubas in Nigeria, Zulus in South-Africa to the Ashantis in Ghana the list is endless but few only now about a certain tribe in Ethiopia known as the Daasanach Tribe.

 The Daasnach tribe also called Geleba or Marille is a super talented tribe that are mostly found in Ethiopia and some parts of Kenya and Sudan. This tribe arguably is the most talented tribe in Africa owing to the fact that they make their own jewelries. These jewelries are not

expensive, they are made from garbage. The people of Daasanach turn metallic trash like damaged wrist watches, rusted chains. what we popularly know as "cover beer " and any aluminum waste  into beautiful ornaments. Like earrings, necklace, bracelets, anklets, and head-wigs.


I would love to have this jewelry to my jewelry box but sadly, these smart jewelry are not for commercial purposes. The people of Daasnach have refused in selling it because it serves as a means of identity for them. That aside, the tribe have some quite interesting rules in regards to wearing this jewelry. Some sets of jewelry are worn based on age and social status.


The head-wigs can be worn by any gender but the crown on the head is worn by elder women and according to their custom and tradition, the crown gets bigger as the woman ages. The men, on the other hand, wear small headpieces made out from wasted wristwatches. The men eat, sleep and breathe with these headpieces. When a man gets married, he wears a bigger headpiece.

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