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PoliceExtorting kleeqersCertain practices and recent happenings have been quite disturbing, I remember when you have a problem in the developed world, you are advised to call 911 and when it is here in our country, a few numbers are distributed for emergency. I have actually been told that Nigeria has a specific working emergency line we can call when we are being oppressed, though I’ve never tried it myself, the idea of these numbers is to get uniformed men to interfere and speak on our behalves by delivering us from the oppressor. But the big question is;


I have noticed something very unconventional about these awesome guys on uniform; They are supposedly the ones meant to stop or avoid oppression of the masses by the bullies who find themselves up there, but they happen to be the bullies themselves, The practice of 70% of our uniformed guys not paying for their transportation has become so accepted in the society that it becomes conventional, ever wonder how these taxi drivers make up for the money they are meant to take from you? All they care about is getting to their destination and they just dust their asses and get off the taxi without a word; The drivers can’t fight them because that’s against the “Law”, neither can any other person say anything because it’s really none of your business. These drivers who don’t smell the uniformed man’s money are the same drivers they collect money from at every stop.

I have also noticed that Nigeria’s greatest enemy puts our Nigerian Soldiers’ camouflage whenever a video is posted on the internet. What exactly is the message passed with that act?

policeBreaking traffic laws is more like a routine now, our wonderful defenders ride against traffic all the time, driving every other person on their right lanes to hide and better avoid being bashed by the Police vans because when the van hits you, you will sure pay through your nose for supposedly damaging the van. When the two lanes are blocked by traffic, they don’t care about you and I getting to where ever it we need to be,. they make space for themselves by creating worse chaos; making car owners and drivers make way for them to pass and you can stay there and die for all they care. I have asked about this severally and I was told they cannot be questioned because they could be going to save a life at the time, after all that’s their job. But then again, I calculate how many lives are saved daily by these defenders.

Recently in South Africa, murder by the Police has been given a fancy name; “Xenophobia”, this just keeps me wondering where they coined that from anyway. The pictures I saw ejected goose bumps from the darkest places of my mind and the person whose teeth was bearing in humorous laughter, perhaps for joy of what he was doing was on Uniform. If all these are happening and you need to report to someone who will listen to you, who will that be? Who do you call? Is there a different emergency number you can call for help where the person will not have a badge and can yet help you out of your distressed situation? I haven’t seen, but I truly recommend that should be provided and our supposed “Law Enforcement Officers”, should be made to also abide by the law they are enforcing. That is simply my point of view; that is, seeing all these from one person’s point. It could be wrong and it could be right. Everyone has peculiar thoughts and they are all acceptable to us all.

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