wesHowdy ladies... And gentlemen. I'm Wesley but ladies you can call me Wes(fellas you can call me Mr Wes). My job is to make your relationship run smoother, give you the do's and don't's. So any question you got just go ahead and lay it on me. I'll always have time for you.

breakupYes ladies, its today! Are you ready? Do you think your partners are ready? Its all about love today. Showing love and reveling in it but beware valentine's day has caused more break ups that longer relationships and I'll tell you why.

1) Side chic revelation: this is like the super bowl of side chic revelation. Masses of women on this day find out they had been living a lie. Their man wasn't just their man, he has another girl or a whole family on the low. So just before you pull out all the stops make sure your beau ain't got another beau or worse you are the side beau.

2) Unbridled expectations: last year your best friends beau got them an all expense paid trip to dubai and this year you expecting your dude to do the same or better. With no realistic thought as to what can be afforded. Or just plainly wanting hearts and flowers when your guy is built that way, learn how he expresses his love and accept it or move on. Don't pressure your partner with expectations fueled by friends, movies or romantic novels. Your love is unique to just you two.

3) Generic gifts: Men are utterly tired of the staple gifts women churn out at our birthdays and on valentine. Avoid putting a downer on your day with another set of shirts and monogrammed handkerchiefs. Or vice versa he gets you a gift that's an utter let down and shows he barely listens to you.

If you are sure you are his all and you know to manage your expectations and you got the right gift picked out I don't see why your val's day won't go splendidly. Let love lead you.

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