wesHowdy ladies... And gentlemen. I'm Wesley but ladies you can call me Wes(fellas you can call me Mr Wes). My job is to make your relationship run smoother, give you the do's and don't's. So any question you got just go ahead and lay it on me. I'll always have time for you.

kleeqersMost men hate to admit they are amateurs in matters concerning the fairer s-ex. Makes them feel less masculine somehow but we all have loads to learn on this. Here are a few mistakes guys make.

1. Choice of venue for first date: Bars and clubs won't work; your place or her's is a bad idea too. The idea is to get to know each other so bars/clubs with loud music will get in the way of that and staying home might lead to s-ex (which there is nothing wrong with if the goal is to be "friends with benefits) and might give wrong impressions.

2. Topic of conversation: A lot of guys talk about themselves on dates too much. If we are being honest, dates are for women, so ask her to talk about herself, what she is into and all that. If she wants to know about you let her ask and even when she does keep it short and divert the spot light back to her. Trust me a little mystery don't hurt.

3. Dressing style: If you don't have an extra helping of confidence do not try out any eccentric style of dressing. Keep it simple, thankfully guys clothes are very easy. And fellas don't underestimate the power of smelling good. Trust me smelling good can take you 20 to 30% of the way to getting laid, so take your time and pick your scent.

4. Group dates: If you are going to take a chic on a group date make sure you inform her beforehand and also make sure you and your buddies introduce your girls to each other and try to get them involved in the conversation. Don't invite her over there and abandon her with her phone, food and drinks while you chat with your buddies about EPL.

5. s-ex god syndrome: Because you read or watched karma sutra that one time or you brought that chic to orgasmic bliss with that special move, don't assume this new girl works the same way. Girls are like cars, they have all the same parts but different specifications. I hear women are afraid to tell men what they like sexually because most men feel insulted because it’s like she is schooling them. Only weak and insecure men think like this (are you weak and insecure bro? It’s not a good look) learn new stuff, try new stuff.

6. Trying to skip the conversation: Ladies need to air stuff out, positive and negative. They won't just casually mention how you pissed them off and then let you fix it. They want to talk about it so expecting them to just "get over it" will be considered insensitive or not listening to what she wants to talk about is considered neglectful.

7. Doing everything she wants: This might sound like exactly what you need to be doing but it’s not. In your mind you just want her to be happy and in her's she feels you are controllable. There is nothing attractive about that image. Put your foot down on some things, make her understand that your goodwill and favors are a choice and not something you are helpless not to give.

Please read and leave a comment or ask any questions. You can share this on facebook or twitter to your friends. Till next time. I remain humbly yours
Mr Wes

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