wesHowdy ladies... And gentlemen. I'm Wesley but ladies you can call me Wes(fellas you can call me Mr Wes). My job is to make your relationship run smoother, give you the do's and don't's. So any question you got just go ahead and lay it on me. I'll always have time for you.

kleeqruleIn battles there are rules of engagement. Strict guidelines on how to handle different wartime situations, like how to handle non combatant prisoners and all that. So just like war, dating has rules. So ladies, here they are.

1) The man does most of the calling: its 2016 and while a lot of ladies might frown at this idea they have to realize that a lot of men acknowledge women as equal but still think this their job and you should let them. I have taken a poll from guys of indiscriminate ages and a lot of them say the same thing, a woman who calls a lot at best strokes the

guys ego and makes him feel too important and at worst makes him not value the girl as he should. I know its hard ladies but you can save his number with "Don't call" and bbm name with "Don't text" to help stay strong. I'm not saying don't call at all but it should be a 30-70 thing. That way you maintain value.

2) Standards/principles/whatever you call it: speaking of maintaining value. People often value you as much as you do yourself. While he is wooing you, you're in charge. Make your do's and don't clear and don't bend them without very good reason. I have a nephew who I told to stop playing with the light switch or he would get spanked and while looking me in the eye he inched his hands to the lights just to test me so I spanked him, ladies you have to realize we are all that boy, we'll test the limits you give us and take what you leave around unguarded. I see girls who their boyfriend's/bae's/boo's take to beer parlors to meet his friends who also came with girls and then I see the guys converse while the girls ping or sneer at each other without realizing how little their value is to the men they came with. Don't go on dates like that. You're not an accessory so don't let yourself be treated like one.

3) Really get to know the guy: surface information will get you killed(heartbroken) in this war. Us guys, we lie(surprise surprise right?) And if you just stay on the surface we can coast along doing just so, some guys can play the "Long Con" just waiting and wearing you down, so switch up on them, go on a subtle fact finding mission(friends, siblings etc. Nobody is safe). So really get to know the guy, listen and file away, pull your head out of his cologne scented clouds and really look and listen to him, maybe he'll let something slip or you found out he is the real deal and don't let go.

4) Relationship Advice: do you have a big brother you can talk too? Or an uncle? Just a guy you can trust, I don't mean some dude in your friendzone pining away waiting for you to look up and realize he loves you, because the goal here is to get pure unbiased advice and I don't think women give women the best advice(personal opinion) I have listened in on a million of these conversations and the advice they give rarely seems helpful. If you have a brother who is a player maybe, get his opinion on your guy or any current situation you face because he cares for you he'll tell you what's what(mind you because his loves you he may become paranoid with his theories but listen and sieve). Bad relationship advice causes more break ups than probably infidelity. So get the right "intel" before you proceed.

5) Handling the truth: women hands down suck at this, I don't mean like a little, I mean monumentally suck at handling the truth. That's why you see guys spewing these lies. Do you think they were born doing it? Experience probably showed them it doesn't work being "honest abe". Trust me, I know. Women say stuff like "I wish men would just be honest if its just s-ex they really want" like if they did you would be all for it(you may think you would but no, you probably wouldn't). In your relationship be ready to hear him out, whatever past deeds or current misdeeds he wants to confess, take the time to calm down before you react, remember he could have lied and that if you react badly that one time it could mean the end of honesty in your relationship and you know what misinformation does to you in a war? It blinds you and a blind warrior is a dead warrior.

6) He who cares more, gets less: one person always carries the relationship emotionally. Like one person cares more and if it was up to me, it would be the guy. That's our place(personal opinion). When the woman is into us much more we are into them it makes us lazy and take them for granted. I can tell you from personal experience I enjoy the exhilarating feeling of being crazy about a woman. Spending my free moments thinking up new scenario's to experience with her. I think women react well to being cherished or at least better than men do. Women have a lot of love to give and often give it to the wrong man because they want to "Win" his love. That's not your job. Never let that become your place. Taylor swift said "Boys only want love if its torture" (not literal torture so stow your scalpels) but we value what we fought for. Let us fight for your affection not the other way around(just focus on making sure you're worth the fight)

So armed and informed, do you think you can handle next guy who comes your way? I think you can, if you listen. Read and leave a comment.

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