wesHowdy ladies... And gentlemen. I'm Wesley but ladies you can call me Wes(fellas you can call me Mr Wes). My job is to make your relationship run smoother, give you the do's and don't's. So any question you got just go ahead and lay it on me. I'll always have time for you.

kleeqersbtyEvery lady is outwardly beautiful in her own unique way but this piece is about ladies who know they are endowed with outward beauty and i mean ladies whose beauty will make heads turn.
I have seen many ladies flaunt their endowments yet no man is willing to have most of them as wives and I kept wondering what could be wrong.
I have come to know that guys are wiser now and a reasonable man will not mind marrying a humble respectful reserved super ugly lady rather than have a manner-less and sharp tongued s-ex symbol as a wife but would rather

bleep and dump such.

You get several likes in no time whenever you display your pics on social media and they call you Hot girl’, pretty girl’, s-exy girl’ yet no man can stay with you neither can you stay with any-man because of your lack of manners and regard for men. Of what use is your outward beauty if you are still single at a marriageable age when the assumed less beautiful ladies are settling down happily and quickly?

This has nothing to do with mockery in anyway but let's face it. Is it not funny that a lady so endowed with physical beauty will remain single in her thirties or even late twenties? Definitely something must be wrong somewhere and most times if checked we will realize that these ladies are the cause and has nothing to do with men. Most hot chics are arrogant, proud,impatient.too picky,disrespectful and always eager to turn down men or break up promising relationships because their beauty easily controls them and they believe a new man will always come around in no time.

More pathetic is the fact that many hot chics seem to believe they can achieve more in life with their physical beauty rather than hard work or even academic qualifications.We can see such in many tertiary institutions and business organizations whoring their way up their career ladder or to get good grades. 

Most of these hot chics as they call them are intellectually dumb and i begin to wonder if their hotness is actually an exchange for their brains. Many of them can not hold up intelligent conversations but are always mostly concerned about fashion and very eager to expose their body shamelessly for the world to see forgetting that by so doing,they are shutting the doors of their life to responsible men while attracting those who are only interested in sampling the product they are advertising. And after it dawns on them how reckless they have been,they usually come up with these defensive consolatory lines that "Everybody has a past,They are happy the way they are,marriage is not for everyone,i don't need marriage to be happy" but they secretely cry inside and wished they can turn back the hands of time.

Yes your looks will win you so many men; both the good, and the bad, but your inner beauty, your character and manner are the things that will determine whether any of those men would stay or run after accomplishing their missions.
The dumbest thing i have heard a hot chic say is "I'm so hot that at least 10 men approach me in a week" NEWS FLASH! : A thousand men can approach you in one month yet none of these men will be interested in walking you down the Aile but will only use your sorry @ss and dump you.

On the final note please let this sink into your brain.."If you think you are too hot to be with one man then be ready to be sampled by many men..the choice is all yours. Be reasonable and understand that there is a thin line between when your beauty becomes a blessing or a curse on you...be wise.

Hope this makes a little sense.

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