Jingle bell! jingle bell!! Jingle bell !!! Christmas is almost here and it another season for beautiful gifts to be shared. Hmmmm, What would she like? Would she like this or that? Would she prefer a box of chocolate or a perfume? These are just a few of the questions that will be flooding your mind when thinking of what to get for your wife or girlfriend this Christmas.

Finding the answer to this questions can be very tiring. We at kleeqers would always love to alleviate the stress of cracking your head on what to get for your wife or girlfriend this Christmas. These suggestions below could help you a lot. 


  1. Jewelry

Trust me when I tell you, 70% of Nigerian women would want a set of jewelry for Christmas. Jewelry is quite expensive so by getting one for your lady, you are giving her the impression that you see her of high value. You can get her bracelet, earring, necklace or anklet. Before you purchase it, endeavor to know her preference. Does she wear more silver to gold? You need to put this into consideration before proceeding to the jewelry shop.


  1. Smartphones

Nigeria ladies and the craving for smartphones is unquenchable. You can make her smile all through this yuletide season by buying her a new smartphone. You don’t necessarily need to empty your account or buy her an iPhone X or any costly phone, you can just buy the upgraded version of the smartphone she's using.


  1. Concert tickets

If your woman is the type that loves partying, forget about buying her a jewelry or smartphone and visit xchange.ng to buy her and yourself tickets to Wizkid concert titled “Wizkid made in Lagos Shutdown”. In case she is not a fan of wizkid, there are top Nigerian musicians like Davido, Olamide, Burna boy etc who would be holding their concert this festive season too.


  1. Pop the question

If you are in a relationship with a Nigerian lady, the perfect gift you can give to her this Christmas, is to go down on one knee stretch out a ring and ask her this question “would you marry me?”This would make her melt with immeasurable happiness. Doing this will a lay a foundation filled with love and joy for the new year.

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