relationship kleeqersBeing single is a choice, if I choose to be that way for a while, then know it is for reasons best known to me. I really don’t know why some people (they know themselves) always think that by being in a relationship gives you a certain kind of status in the society, that’s bullshit” please kindly grow up.. be a mature adult, YOU DONT NEED SOMEONE TO COMPLETE YOU,YOU ONLY NEED SOMEONE TO ACCEPT YOU COMPLETELY.

This post was coined from a friend on my Facebook wall, and there are quite a lot of

comments that fit into this category. I completely understand this statement, but lot of people out there needs extra grace to do same. So, I wonder.....“What is wrong with this statement?” Lets analyze it together...

I’ve often really wondered what people mean when they say “I love you!”, I might get it when it comes from my little princess Seraph or when it comes from my dearest friends and family; but still hoping to understand it when a random guy on Facebook says it to somebody’s timeline boldly referring to a girl he has never met.

The phrase is clearly overrated as every Tom, d!ck and Harry now uses it as a means of exchange for whatever is needed at the moment (I belong to that class sometimes too). I’ve always wanted to sit with a few people and perform a survey of what that phrase mean to a different number of people; well, the sentence from a friend’s timeline motivated me to ask a few questions in this my corporate space and majority of the responses i got were lined in the very same direction of.... “It’s either they want something or they really just love one thing about you....or they are working on loving you” (I just added that).

relationships kleeqersBack to analyzing the subject matter; Being single is clearly a choice to this person but some people see it as a sign of weakness, a wonderful neighbour said that being in a relationship is a status changer and I wonder what planet she came from. Was it the same planet I was in? or has the earth started accommodating aliens without prior notice. I wonder what kind of achievement being in a relationship really is, I’m yet to find out though. That is simply the interpretation of the entire sentence, although according to a few comments on it, it sounds more like a beef.

The truth about being single is that it helps you discover yourself more because most of us don’t even know what we are capable of, yet we want to be attached to someone else and when we get this attachment, our next complaint will read thus; “He/She doesn’t love me” it’s simply bizarre and funny how we need someone to feel complete and whole with ourselves. But the fact that nobody can complete or define you cannot be overemphasized.

The need to fully understand yourself, enjoy the company of yourself and be completely satisfied complimenting yourself is strongly needed before jumping into a relationship because the other person will simply end up making you feel worse and insufficient with yourself if they don’t deliver exactly the way you expect them to.

Just a little advise; Being Single is a way of life; It simply means that you are singly happy, complete and satisfied with who you are and when you are finally attached to this someone you strongly want, they wouldn’t have to work extra hard at trying to make you a better person and singly, you can make a huge difference in your relationship as well as the world at large. Looking for a complete complement to you is like looking for a zombie apocalyptus. No one can complete you or make you feel better about yourself. You are a unique awesome being darling.

Drop your comments. i will be reading.


By Nana

nana kleeqers

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