lonely man kleeqersI was recently on Facebook when I shot across a post and a picture by an acquaintance, and here it is...

This was the message it carried.......”Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’”.

It got me thinking a whole lot. I tried to restrain myself from writing anything about it, but the more I resisted, the more my fingers and my head just wouldn’t stop at their protests. So, here I am, finally doing what you might call

“FEMINISM”, Although, I don’t completely consider it as that, but what does my opinion matter without you.

Before I drop my letter, I would like to throw my thoughts out loud; When we say “Women aren’t women anymore?”, I understand from the preceding article to this picture that the women are taking the roles of the men, They are doing what the men are supposed to be doing, leaving out nothing for the men. It talked about more women having more degrees than the men. It also had a lot to say about the “Women good/men bad” phenomenon. I don’t completely disagree with that point though, because I have seen it myself. In the old days, our fathers go to the farm to dig up the crops and food materials while our mothers took them to the market to sell and bring back the proceeds to the bread winner of the family. These days, women don’t wait for their men to go to the farm, they go to the farm themselves to dig out the food materials, they can’t for the good of the land ask the man to take the food to the market and so they still go to the market themselves, the problem only lies when the proceeds come home. Then uneasy lies the head that wears the crown and the head that suffers the most always want to be recognized, even in the most awkward way.

I have seen a lot of writings and sayings about feminism, but my mind dictionary refuses to acknowledge that singular word. I don’t entirely believe there’s any such thing. “I simply believe that anything with two heads is a monster”, There can only be one major captain running a ship and it is usually decided even before the ship takes off. I also am of the opinion that “If men are not being men, Women will definitely be humans”, as humans, we like to take the lead at any given opportunity, every human being wants to be relevant and wants to feel important and if the men in our lives as women don’t make us feel like we’re part of the show, we tend to create a chapter for ourselves in the book; That is where I think feminism comes from.

If the men are backing out of marriages with the excuse that women are achieving more, I think it only gives women more power over the men and makes the me take second place in the row, it keeps the women one step ahead, making the men chase after or create what exactly they are looking for. The recent trend in the world also celebrate men who have turned themselves into women (so, what do you expect from a lady who’s seen this?), I have sought a very good excuse and explanation for that but found none. Men will always be men. they will always be the head. I am a Christian that knows what the good book has said about these things. It shouldn’t be a topic to be debated on twice.

I hear 70% of men say they don’t want a woman who is a financial baggage for a wife, then they turn around and say they don’t want an over achiever either. In my little world, I don’t believe you can rear a monster you didn’t create; neither can you harvest someone else’s crop. She would be down to earth if that’s the stuff you put into her, she would be proud as well if you show her the way, all you need is garbage in and get same garbage out. Don’t judge her just because she has that first class college degree you don’t, don’t judge her because she bought that fine escalade you couldn’t afford; In fact, don’t judge her at all, but wait for the size of her heart. Fear is overrated and when we begin to believe these lies written in social media and those that so-called researches feed us, we might never have a near perfect world.

If women aren’t women anymore, men need to stop being gay by indulging in sexual activities with the gender they cannot be caught in the marriage institution with. Because when you indulge in sexual activities with someone, you share a deeper part of you with them and not just your body. Be careful what you say as a man and look in the right places for the wrong woman you can make right through what you feed her. You’ll never know if you don’t unravel.

Now my very short letter;

Dear Woman/Lady,

You are a rare gem, a delicate flower that needs to be tended with so much care and love, you deserve the love, support and care of yourself, men, children but most especially God’s. You are a wonderful creation and a work of art that took God alone to create and nothing should make you feel less than that especially not your mind. You are God’s special gift to life.

You have control of your mind, your will and your actions, most of all; you have control of your tongue. You should learn to take responsibility for your actions and accept the consequences as part of living. you have the power to determine your happiness and that of the person next to you. You are too beautiful to struggle, too intelligent to fight and too delicate to be ragged.

When you were born, a generation was created; you definitely rule the world upfront even though you aren’t the fore leader. I marvel at the kind of power you possess but fail to utilize. Knowing that you can make a huge difference in your hidden position through what is considered your weakness by them that i don’t understand makes me want to tip a hat for you every step of the way.

Remember all the pain you have to go through to give life to your generation? that generation never forgets except you make them forget by fighting for what you already have. Listen to your heartbeat and that of your world calling out to your greatness, don’t settle for less, be the best you can be, but don’t fight to be seen; do your endless magic like you know how to in order to win the world because the world is waiting for that hand that rocks the cradle.
I love you and I love being you....so does a few men.



By Nana

nana kleeqers

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