romantickleeqersIt is valentine season, feb. 14th is around the corners and lovers are warming up to the mood. A day when you embrace the one you love and show them how much they mean to you, a day that we get to celebrate the birthday of love with one person that means the world. 

There are ways we have being trying to spice up our romantic life and here is one more way.

Calling or saying romantic words this valentine to our love might just be the magic we have been looking for.
If you're tired of calling him "honey" and "bae," there are plenty of other

words you can use to describe him. Instead of speaking in English, you can try using French for a change. It's one of the most romantic languages that exist, after all. Here are a few romantic French pet names to memorize for your partner:

This means, "my love." If you and your mate are comfortable saying those three little words to each other, then you should use this pet name for him. As long as you fill him in on the translation, each time you say it he'll be reminded of the love you have for him. It's a sweet way to say the L phrase without actually saying it.

This means, "my angel." If your boyfriend is simply a blessing, then you should call him by this name. Of course, it will work equally as well if you use it ironically--so if your man is a troublemaking heartbreaker, you should also use this pet name. It's a cute way to let him know you see how much trouble he is.

This means, "my treasure." It's cute to use on a guy that you cherish, but it's also nice to use on someone you're not romantically linked to. It's a pet name that you could use for your daughter, your pet, or your best friend. It's just a sweet way to say that you value someone.

This means, "my heart." If your man has your heart, then remind him by using this pet name. It'll let him know that he's the most important thing in your life, that you'd do anything for him, and that he's what makes your heart continue to beat. What's more romantic than that?

This means, "my darling." You've probably heard it before, because it's one of the most popular French sayings in the world. This is great to use when you don't feel like explaining yourself, because everyone around you will already know what it means. You'll have no reason to bust out the dictionary for them.

This means, "my teddy bear." If you love snuggling with your boyfriend, this is a cute way to remind him of how huggable he is. Sure, it's kind of an embarrassing thing to call a man in public, but no one else will know what you're saying, so you can toss the word around as often as you'd like without making your man blush.

This means, "my dove." You don't really hear anyone call their boyfriend a dove in English, which is why this pet name is so special. It's rare, so you don't have to worry about being original. You'll be the only person in town who uses it--until your friends catch on, see how adorable it is, and steal it for themselves.

French is the language of love, which is why you should borrow some phrases to call your partner when you're in the mood to be romantic. As long as you translate for him, it's sure to impress him, so you'll end up with a face full of kisses. What pet name do you currently call your boyfriend? What does he call you?

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