hmpHi, my name is Nana for those of you that do not know me lol.

Ok, I was reading the Saturday edition of the punch newspaper and I couldn’t help but notice this particular topic....i know the issue of bride price has been over flogged by different social forums but this one has got different twist to it views from

different individuals. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have bothered writing on it, still it cant be ignored as it is part of our culture and daily living. The three major tribes each have their different levels/requirements of bride price collections viewed by many. This has very much shaped the view of people from these tribes concerning the issue of bride price.
To share what I saw with you guys, below are snap shots of different views on the topic “Should A Man Dump His Fiancee Because Of Heavy Bride Price” ... however the twist here are the different views regarding the tribe of the individuals who laid the comments.











Seeing these views, i was prompt to think that our opinions on issues are actually based on the culture we live by.
I wouldn’t want to believe i am the only one with this opinion. so let me read what you think by dropping your comment below.

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