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These days getting married is becoming a daunting task for the male folks as it is for the females’
To find a lady who has an adorable character is synonymous to looking for a treasure beneath the earth surface. And when guys eventually locate this scarce species of ladies, they can go any length just to have them as their other half.

Below are some of the characters some ladies posses that can make a man beg for their hands in marriage;

1. Independent and humble

It is a norm in belief that most independent ladies are arrogant and unapproachable. This gives an indication that when you sight an independent lady, she is either possessive or proud. However in the midst of those that wear the garment of pride, there are few who are independent and at the same time humble. The specie of ladies are hot cake for men to tie the knot fast.

2. Social and approachable

Men love fun loving ladies, ability to communicate with others without coming out as a jerk. Being social doesn’t mean every guy you meet wants to take advantage of you (though most might want to). Ladies need to be approachable and social when dealing with guys online and offline as to understand their purpose of approaching them before jumping into conclusion and putting up that reproaching character.

3. Intelligence

It is of the opinion that most guys are scared of intelligent ladies, Well I wont say scared rather it is a feeling of intimidation because in actual fact most guys would like to go out with an intelligent lady. Why because guys love their ladies sharp when it comes to discussion like business, career, investment, etc. and not a lady who doesn’t have a view/suggestionof her own

He said; I like smart women. The women who’s minds are full of knowledge. Who can carry on a conversation for hours. They don’t need to brag about how smart they are or destroy someone in an argument (although they could). They are wiser than the ballbuster, they know how to pick their battles.

4. A good cook

Our grandmas used to say that the only way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach – remember that one? Well, we have learned by now that’s not the only way, although it certainly is one of the ways and, if I may add, a very good one. Men love women who can cook and women who would be willing to learn to cook for them. That’s when that traditional part of the brain turns on to note the woman in question would be a good wife. It’s a cliche, I know, but even experts agree on this one!

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5. Real

Although fake ladies with their fake this, that and everything turn a lot of heads and probably get a lot of free drinks, most men have agreed they could never choose a lady like that for something more than just a casual romance. – a girl who likes to smile and doesn’t care what others think of her smile (thin lips, teeth or whatever), a girl who can tell a joke, a girl who won’t have a nervous breakdown every time her mascara starts running... a REAL girl!

6. Chaste character

men run from promiscuous ladies, ladies who cheat and double date because there is high possibility that such act will continue during their marriage. Most guys don’t want to caught off guard in their marriages because ordinarily there would be trust issues. Ladies who are against promiscuity and behave as such are loved by men.

7. Ready to compromise
Every man feels better when he knows his lady is ready to negotiate and work hard to find a solution that will be acceptable for both sides. So, I hope you’re ready to compromise, because although guys like B00bs and well curved body, they all agree this non-physical quality is far more important. It makes for a much longer, happier, more fulfilling relationship as well.

8. Caring
He really wants to know that you care for him but be careful, because repeating. An average man will tell you that he loves you once and show you how much he loves you five times. You should do the same. Baby him when he’s sick or tired, surprise him every once in a while, listen to his problems – SHOW him everything you want to tell him because this quality is one of the very important things men like in women.

9. Motherly instinct
To crown it up is the motherly instinct. The motherly instinct is a definite must for most guys. He wants someone that will take care of him... and in turn, he will take care of you. Guys also want to know that whomever they choose to have a family with, their kids will be taken care of in the best possible way.
You might be surprised at the things but they are real as the air we breathe. Most guys desire the character quality before tying the knot. So if you are in any way behind on these, try catching up.
So do you know of any other character men look out for in a lady? Feel free to ask your man, too! And share. As this list is not exhaustive we will be reading.

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