kliqerThis Simple Thing That Can Save Your Relationship

In relationships, four is better than two. Couples who spent time with other couples reported feeling more passionately in love with each other, according to a new study published in the journal Personal Relationships.

A Research done at the University of Colorado Boulder and Wayne State University asked one group of couples to engage in small talk with another couple for 45 minutes, and a second group to ask and answer more personal questions (such as,...

"What's the greatest accomplishment of your life?") with another couple for the same amount of time, spend time talking about issues that affect relationships as these might help you know what your partner’s opinion are on some topics.. Those who talked more intimately with another couple felt closer in their own relationships compared to those who engaged in small talk.

Bonding with another couple brings you closer to your mate by introducing you both to novel, exciting experiences, which reignites amorous feelings, say study authors.Couple friends can also provide insight and ideas about what makes a marriage work (or doesn't), and they can offer emotional support.

So how do you go about making friends with other couples without coming off as a couple of weirdos?

Think about it, there are colleagues at work who share the same status as you (married) and also share same interests. Connect with them, ask for hangout on weekends, go see a movie, try out that new restaurant in town or invite them over for dinner , late night hangout on Saturday,Who knows, this time next year you could be planning a joint getaway.

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