How much makeup is enoughYou think guys don’t care about makeup? Think again. They may not know much about it or understand exactly how it gets applied (and that’s ok, we can not be bothered), but they definitely have an opinion when it comes to how much of it you should be wearing, and when.

Many guys say they don’t like

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HivRapid, at-home HIV tests aren't new: OraQuick, which was released with much fanfare in 2012, provides reasonably accurate results using an oral swab in just 20 minutes. That product allows those who might not otherwise get tested for HIV—because of stigma or lack of access to treatment—to have a better chance of detecting the disease early and getting to a doctor.
But a new at-home device promises to do one better: Using a drop of blood, the USB stick test

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Do you really want to know how to get rid of pimples overnight fast? You have probably tried several acne treatments and recommendations from friends without much success. May be you have a small mirror beside you as you read this article and you are wondering: “will I ever be able to get rid of all these ugly spots on my face?” There is hope for you!

As you read this article, you will discover several

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white ball 2016

Activities are in top gear to make it a very merry Christmas for the city of Owerri and its environs, as House of Freeda is set to host “White Ball 2016 Live In Owerri’. Billed to take place on Friday the 23rd of December 2016 at the prestigious Imo International Conference Centre (ICC). The Event which is organized as an annual corporate themed

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marriage lessonsEven though I’ven't been married, it’s still important for me to consider my husband’s needs. I should think about the possible effects of my careless words, attitudes, and actions before I break his heart. Can you identify?

I asked some girlfriends, “What should a wife stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage?” This list is based on their responses.

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