giving up on loveIf you’re feeling like there’s no one in the world for you and you just want to give up on love altogether, you may want to read this first.

Love sucks. I mean it REALLY sucks. Forget all of those fairytale movies about how the guy comes swooping in and rescues his damsel in distress and they fall

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harmattan We all Know the harmattan season is back and it has a firm grip on our lifestlyes, some prefer it while some don't Here's quite a number of things we all can relate to this harmattan

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travel essentials kleeqersTravelling can be fun. We all love the feeling of packing our bags and jetting off to another location. As much as it’s interesting to go on adventures, there are some essential things, we must not forget on our trip.

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Man having asthma

If you have asthma, you need to do what you can to reduce your exposure to asthma triggers. Asthma triggers can aggravate your asthma symptoms -- coughing, wheezing, and difficulty catching your breath. While there’s no asthma cure, there are steps you can take to keep your asthma in control and prevent an asthma attack(worsening of asthma symptoms).

Since most asthma attacks in children are caused by an allergic reaction, there's a lot that parents

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Woman with the serious faceThe serious face is like a red hot alarm to let you know shit is going to blow up. Prevent it by not doing the things to bring it out.

Okay, can we be honest here? Women and men are wired differently. Both sexes are probably saying “duh” right now. The thing about it is that at some point, we have to learn to live together. So, men, learn the serious face to keep the peace.

If not just for procreation and survival, because it is

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