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white ball 2016

Activities are in top gear to make it a very merry Christmas for the city of Owerri and its environs, as House of Freeda is set to host “White Ball 2016 Live In Owerri’. Billed to take place on Friday the 23rd of December 2016 at the prestigious Imo International Conference Centre (ICC). The Event which is organized as an annual corporate themed

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how to hook up

Want to know how to hook up with a girl, be it a friend or a girl you just met? Use these tips to recognize the right girl and do the right thing.

Firstly, what is a hook up?

Many people have many definitions for a hook up.

A hook up is any form of

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marriage lessonsEven though I’ven't been married, it’s still important for me to consider my husband’s needs. I should think about the possible effects of my careless words, attitudes, and actions before I break his heart. Can you identify?

I asked some girlfriends, “What should a wife stop doing if she wants to improve her marriage?” This list is based on their responses.

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For many years, e-mails have circulated the country with the outline of a speech attributed to Microsoft founder Bill Gates titled “11 Rules You Won't Learn in School About Life.” It turns out that Gates never wrote these words nor did he deliver the speech—it was all taken from an article written by Charles J. Sykes in 1996. And it really doesn’t matter that Gates wasn’t involved, because the

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black baby eatingPssssst! What is the greatest secret in parenting?

This: We’re all winging it.

We are tossing out ideas and hoping they stick. It’s a undercover game of trial and error.

If I give her this toy, will she stop crying?

Does he need a diaper change? or a bottle?

Or, how about this one:

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cute black baby

Some babies are great little travelers. You could take them across three time zones and they’ll just smile and snooze.

Other babies...not so much.

To them, WE’RE the ones causing all the hubbub. Taking them all over the planet, away from their happy places, forcing them to smile at all kinds of strange-faced “relatives” who want to

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meghalaya bridge kleeqers


Brooklyn Bridge is world famous and we all know how London Bridge fell down. And then there’s the Golden Gate Bridge. Each of these bridges is iconic in its own right, but there are some other equally stunning bridges around the world, each with a fascinating story to tell. Curious to know where they are located?

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 unhealth relationships

We all involve ourselves in relatonships, one way or the other, whether we like to admit it or not, but not all of us examine the relationships we get ourselves in, not all of us take our time to see what's going on, to understand the emotions and reactions of our partners, these things are very important its up to us to decide and to discern on which of these relatonships are worth it . These things would help you analyse your relationships and see

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proffesional black woman

I have been away form my corporate space for quite sometime, trying to get a little bit of rest to my system, mostly to my brain which could ironically have been burning up and smoking guns if we all had spiritual eyes.

On my first day back to my space, I met a friend that works in a totally different corporate environment at lunch hour, we talked a lot about work, which brought us to talks about his team and how a lot of people get detached and as such can simply act the way they want. Funny thing is, they actually do get away with it.

Permit me once again to probe into the idea of being

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ANCIENT WISDOM TIPS kleeqerThese might just be what you need to prevent you from making the biggest mistake of a life time. Wisdom is key.

According to the Bible, My people perish for lack of knowledge.

So go ahead, read and gain understanding

1. Wedding is a day but marriage is a lifetime .
2. A stingy man who is single will still be stingy when married.

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