love money1It's probably not what you're thinking

Relationships, like managing your finances, take work. Luckily, there are some strategies recommended for getting your financial house in order that can help you navigate tricky issues in your romance, too.

It helps to know where each of you is coming from.

Like many other personality traits, people get their ideas about money from their

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notable motivational imposs“I have a dream”, “Freedom is coming tomorrow”, “It always seems impossible until it is done”. These are all famous quotes that have inspired many people to do great things over the years. We often underestimate the power and impact that a few words can have in our lives. In particular, you don’t always give thought to how your own words have the potential to help you succeed, whether it be in your business or personal life. By the same token, you don’t always consider how your words might be preventing you from reaching your true potential.

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romantickleeqersIt is valentine season, feb. 14th is around the corners and lovers are warming up to the mood. A day when you embrace the one you love and show them how much they mean to you, a day that we get to celebrate the birthday of love with one person that means the world. 

There are ways we have being trying to spice up our romantic life and here is one more way.

Calling or saying romantic words this valentine to our love might just be the magic we have been looking for.
If you're tired of calling him "honey" and "bae," there are plenty of other

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Feedback kleeqerstFeedback is crucial to growth and success, right? Not always. In today’s world everyone has an opinion and you can be flooded by them if you are not careful, which can lead to inaction and confusion.

Sometimes feedback is just not constructive or goes against what you believe. Consider if JK Rowling had listened to the many rejections she received for Harry Potter, or if Oprah Winfrey had listened to the critic that told her she didn’t have a future in television before she went on to star in her own self-titled show.

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ng homemade

Super low on cash, try  this! 

1. To achieve that smooth and even complexion - Mix half a cup of cooked oatmeal with a table spoon of honey, then spread evenly around the face, then rinse off after 10mins. The oatmeal helps to exfiolate the face while the honey serves as moisturiser for the face.

2. To take out a pimple - put ice on the affected spot, then dab on it a plain white toothpaste, you can also use eyedrops as well to reduce the swelling and redness caused by the ice. You can also take out a pack of

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