fuel scarcity kleeqersBuying fuel in Lagos during scarcity can be very daunting a task, the queues are usually 'unapologetically' long and annoyingly unorganized. The touts (area boys) and bus drivers mostly make the experience one to always remember whenever you see a filling station with queue.

Ok, today being Saturday, is one of the days in the week I look forward to as I get to

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Treat Ringworm kleeqersI remember when my younger brother used to play football in a field not too far from the house , one day he came home itching his body my mum had to give him a bath but that was after a long argument (claming big boy)Lol. Days later I notice some red patches almost all over his back and on his head too, that really got me irritated thank God he was treated and that nightmare is over. Well, fast forward to 21st century Dermatophytosis popularly called ringworm still dance around the body of our little ones and even now let's see natural ways of getting rid of this stubborn skin infection.

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shakes kleeqersYou know those moment where you have an over riped banana and want to dispose it.
Stop doing it! That's a very healthy smoothie you are about to throw down the bin.
Here's what you should do next time you have such:

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slut kleeqersThis is one for the guys. We claim to be the more logical of the sexes so it baffles me how we often take an illogical approach to certain situations, and in this instance I refer to the fact that men are in an almost constant search for s-ex and s-ex partners but when they find a female who is willing they are fast to brand her slut.

This is stupid for two reasons:

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danfo kleeqersI am already laughing even before typing this. I had to pull out my Ipad to share this story... I just cant keep the laughs to myself.

So i'm on the bus heading to Ikeja from the island, presently on 3rd Mainland bridge (This traffic though, Whew). Anyway, this man comes to sell his product in yoruba and he says

"Sperm is from the brain"

Ordinarily I do not listen to this people but this one caught my attention.

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