tomato marketThe scarcity of tomatoes and hike in its price nationwide had been of great concern to many Nigerians this year.
The perishable vegetable, majorly cultivated during dry season, had its price astronomically go up due to many factors and in many states, unavailable.

There are predictions that this scarcity will be for a long time, it's is based on this that we bring to you soups you can prepare without tomatoes:

1) Banga Soup

2) White soup

3) Melon soup
4) Okro Soup
5) Apon soup
6) Ofe Onugbu
7) Ofe Owere
8) Owho Soup
9) Nsala soup
10) Ground nut soup
11) Efo riro
12) Edikan ikong
13) White soup
14) uziza soup
15) Afang soup
16) Curry chicken soup

So, never mind if tomato is 4 for 700 naira.
However, we encourage you to start a garden of your own in the face of Tuta Absoluta or tomatoes scarcity.
Laugh it off and share with friends.




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