calories kleeqersPeople always ask how much calorie does my body need, how am I supposed to know the amount of calorie I take in if I can’t calculate it? Which is very true so I decided to make this part II a tutorial for that. I hope you good at math if not.......
Your body needs a total of 2000 calories daily which many of us are even consuming as much as 3000 to 3500 per day, seeing it in figures is scary right? Well it gets juicer, since you’re trying to lose weight all you need is to feed your body lesser calorie than the norm cause there’s already an excess of it in your body stored as let say u start taking 1700 cal. per day what your body does is this, when it has exhausted the 1700cal it goes to your excess calories stores as fat and takes an extra 300 cal. breaking it down to get energy by which if this continues you’ll be slowly but steadily losing weight, easy right?

Since 1g of fat = 9calories
1g of carbohydrate = 4calories
1g of protein = 4calories, whereby most food contain a mixture of these three you need to know how to take the right quantity to lose weight:
1.Calculate the number of calories
2.Know your current weight
3.Know your height

For example: miss x weighs 67kg(147.71lbs),she is 5ft 3inches tall and she’s trying to lose 9kg.
N.B: You have to be patient with yourself when trying to lose weight and also be dedicated cause most people trying to lose weight are foodie so reducing your calorie intake [food intake]is going to be tough but you have to be strong cause it takes the body 21days to get used to a new routine especially when it’s a healthy routine.

Miss x used too dish 3serving spoon of rice, she has to cut it down to 1serving spoon.
(a serving spoon of rice =200g) i.e 200gx4 = 800calories per serving spoon
If she eats meat or egg in her stew she has to substitute it for fish.
Lets’ say a slice of meat =150g i.e 150x4=600calories
If she takes beverage for breakfast she has to substitute it for tea bag preferably green tea and lots of honey please not sugar.
She like bread and butter,cheese or maonesse she has to substitute it for bread, toast it with egg white (meaning you extract the yolk don’t whisk the egg until the yolk is out)egg white is healthy stuff, rub generously on plain bread (brown bread preferably) so as to substitute the buttery taste and still taste deliciously healthy.
She like cake for desert substitute it with nuts, fruit salad or smoothie.

Do not take in solid food once its past 7pm, I say solid cause for starters you could still feel hungry so vegetables like cabbage or fruits like watermelon or cucumber which is my favorite will do the trick in filling you while it does an excellent job at burning tummy fat. I call that killing 2birds with one stone(jackpot).

Visit FIT WATCH [it’s a weight loss target date calculator] this helps you calculate your weight and how much calories your body has already, how much calories you need daily to drop to your desired weight and the period of time it will take. It very realistic thereby giving you desired result.


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