How many kilojoules in a caLet me first start by apologizing for not posting regularly and say a big thank you to the lovely beings who sent me emails and shout out.

I received tons of mail (hehehehehe na lie o) but I received mails sha and a lot of people asked me to do a post on ‘weight loss’ so here it is. I have seen a lot of slim tea ads. and I have used some myself here’s the truth ALL NA WASH for those who don’t understand that slang im saying slim tea dont do nada(nothing) it doesn’t burn fat and it a waste of money unless u have excess to spend which I don’t mind it been spent on me instead of

slim tea lilol.

First of all, before losing weight chain down every form of anxiety. I know losing weight can be stressful so I’ve come up with a guide to make it easier

1) 75% of losing weight I about making healthy food choices, calculate your calories right,know what to put in your mouth and what not to.

2) Limit your sugary foods and beverages
     • Any food pack that has words line “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” is a no-no. These foods are loaded with bad fata ad should be avoided.

3) Saturated fats like fatty beef, lamb, pork, poultry with skin, beef fat(tallow),lard or cream, butter, cheese, ice-cream, egg yolk, dairy product(e.g milk) should be cut down drastically.
     • No. of saturated fat needed daily = 13g
So, taking more than this estimated gram = weight gain

4) Alternate saturated fats by eating

     • Fruits     large nigeria agri600x300

     • Vegetables

     • Whole grain Bread and grains


     • Poultry: fish and nuts meat nuts fish

5) Ditch you polished rice for local rice (ofada) and if you not Nigerian I meant {brown rice} it’s healthier with almost zero starch but if you still insist on polished rice then do parboil so as to get rid of the excess starch.

6) Get plenty soluble fibre e.g OATS, bran, dry pea, beans, cereal.


By Blessing Obehi


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