GentianViolet kleeqersOf course! I know its swollen, you can't go out looking like that people are gonna stare, ask questions like what happened, did you get into a fight,was it really dark you couldn't see? These and more was what I went through some couple of weeks back.

What actually happened was I bumped my head to an arc after launch I swear I curse that day, in fact I saw stars something my naija people will call(willi willi),Chai! see me see pain. The worse part was that the next day was a Monday I had to go

to work but I can't go to work looking like a bouncer punched me in the face...I tried so many things to make the swell go down but it wouldn' this thing planning on ruining my face, what in heavens name am I to do???

Then my M.I.L told me to use G.V. not Google Voice oooo LOL its Gentian Violet

I applied it on the swollen area 6hours later I saw a visible difference my swollen for head had gone down I was so happy,I applied it at night and washed it off when having my bathe in the morning. In 2days it was as if nothing happened the beauty of it all is that it calms me I don't know how it does that but it does.

So I decided to share hope you find it useful.Xo


By Blessing Obehi


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