garlic kleeqersMy people my people y'all know this vegetable called garlic..hmm! Its health benefits are superb but I can't just bring myself to the smell that lingers in ones breath. So I had to do some experiments using me of course to see how I can still use my precious garlic without that not so pleasant smell, guess what? It worked!

Method 1:

After preparing meals like stew,sauce,noodles, immediately after you have turned off the heat add your blended garlic,not only does this method not leave the foul smell of garlic in ur breath it also give ur meal a beautiful aroma.

Method 2:
This is for those who dont have the time for method1 paparazi they are the straight to the point kind of people,I'm here for you too.
After chewing that garlic raw to stop that stink just chew an apple after you've had ur garlic..... Easy right!

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