kliq3When it comes to how fast your body turns food into fuel, there are some things that you could be doing that can help or hamper your metabolism along.

Here are four habits that can influence the way your body burns or store energy.

1. Washing your hands

Is obesity infectious? Well, maybe according to Science News.org. Just in case you needed another reason to wash your hands, consider this:..

a study by Magdalena Pasarica of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge report that a common respiratory virus, the adenovirus-36 transforms adult stem cells into fat-storing cells.

2. Eight glasses of water

We've heard it a thousand times. 'Drink eight glasses of water a day', or 'water helps you lose weight', but few studies have really proven this to be true. Well, until now. A University of Utah study found eight glasses of water may really be the magic number, when it comes to weight loss and rehydration.

The study examined different physiological results on the advantages or disadvantages of different levels of water consumption, with research subjects given 4, 8, or 12 glasses of water a day. With just four glasses a day the subjects were dehydrated and their metabolism slowed down but with eight and above they had more energy and their metabolism fired as it should. There are some considerations with how many glasses should be drunk – as small inactive people may not need as much as larger, active people, but this study does suggest that without proper hydration your metabolism will not be firing as it should.

3. Fish oil supplementation

Are you getting in your omega-3 and omega-6s? A study published in the Journal of International Society of Sports Nutrition looked at the effects of fish oil on resting metabolic rate in healthy adults and found that six weeks of supplementation with fish oils significantly increased lean mass and decreased fat mass in both men and women.

A similar study by the University of Ontario found that consuming oily fish can increase the fat burning enzymes in the body and help burn an extra 400 calories a day according to Medical Daily.com.

Think about that the next time you skip the vitamin aisle.

4. Preparing fruit and vegetables
According to Men's Health, a 2012 study in Environmental Health Perspectives showed that there is a link between obesity from unwashed produce as a result of environmental pesticides used on fruit and vegetables.

Not washing your produce could cause your metabolism to slow down as the pollutants are stored in your fat tissue and lead to inflammation. Their advice is to wash produce thoroughly under running water, and to peel or cut away any damaged areas first.

While eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly are the magic pills for your metabolism.

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