When Your Ex Keeps Interfering In Your Relationship

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Do you know that one of the biggest mistakes we make as individuals that easily destroys our courtship and marriages emanates from the act of comparison which is as a result of the ex factor?

Do you know that every detail of our ex(es) is subliminally registered in a well guarded part of our brains? This is why sometimes,we just can't help having flashes of an ex even when we never intended.

Many people find it hard to settle down with a new person because they kept comparing that person with someone or people they have dated in the past and even when the ex has no single clue.

This act keeps destroying your present affair until the relationship finally collapses and the circle begins again with a new person.

We must understand that any new person that walks into your life has a totally different make up biologically, physically,mentally,emotionally,sexually,spiritually,ideologically and on and on so you must learn to take people for who they are and never ever try to compare them with your ex because this terrible act has led to the collapse of many potentially blissful and purposeful union.

In-fact,it has become a norm that we always want to get a new person that will surpass an ex in beauty or status just to make the ex jealous of the fact that we got a "better choice" and many have wasted ample time due to this funny mindset.

As a guy you should not expect Catherine your new love to be as Fluent as Ada,as energetic and s-exy as Bimbo,to be excellent in the kitchen as Jessica or be as curvy as Mariam who seem to be the ladies you have dated in the past.You just can't find all the good virtues you love in your ex(es) in your new woman,NEVER.

And as a lady you can't stop hoping that your new guy can be as cute,tall and adorable as Peter,as rich and generous as Tade or sexually powerful and endowed as James,NO WAY,life does not work that way.

If we all keep looking for the conglomerate of good virtues seen in our past partners in our new partner then we just might realize too late that we are living in fool's paradise.

We must learn to delete every file of all the past partners,format our brain to erase every memory of our past partners and take the new partner as a fresh person and assume we have never met anyone else before.

This is the only way we can truly have a healthy and fulfilling affair with the new person in our life and it will prevent us from fantasizing about an ex while sitting or sleeping next to another.

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