Please Advice: I Want To Force A Guy Who Doesn't Love Me To Marry Me( Pictures)

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My name is Amadi Chinyere. I am from Enugu state. I am a graduate of bizz administration, Esut. I attended NASME secondary school North Bank, Makurdi. I was born on the 4th of April 1987 at Markudi.

I have a confession to make to the whole world.

Apart from the Bleep mates I had, I, early this year, decided to settle down with a man.

On the 12th of February, a cute bank guy who is on the department of marketing came to our office ( paint office) which is situated at water lines PortHarcourt, River State to see a friend. I fell in love immediately I saw him because of his height, body structure, and among other good things in him.

I was forced to talk to him after I had walked up to him. Thankfully, he gave me a listening ear. We both exchanged digits ,though I was the format to ask for his. We started talking after I called him first the night of the same day we met.

We talked for some days but he never told me to visit him. One day,owing to the love I had for him, I decided to tell him to allow me visit him which he agreed by sending his address to me. Such actions gladdened my heart.

I then went to his house at Uzoba,PortHarcourt, near Choba, uniport. He welcomed me normal just as a guy could welcome a girl. I sat on his bed showing my laps given the fact that I purposely wore a mini scate so as to seduce him into having s-ex with me but, all trials were to little avail.

Later, I devised another plan which was just to measure his height and mine. Fortunately, my later plan B worked since I grabbed him so close to me while trying to measure my heart with him. I noticed that he had been erected, then I touched his joystick, and immediately started sucking it, which finally led us into having s-ex.

I went home with happiness after everything believing that my plan to making him to Mary me would work since he was single as at the time but it didn't work.

Given the fact that he is a good Catholic and likewise, I complained to his parish priest, telling him how he had promised to marry me and later disappoint me. The priest summoned him for a conversation about that but he turned my claims down hence, started going to another parish. I started sending some cursed messages to him thinking that such would dread him but the worst happened after I came to his house uninvited to see him.

After I have entered his compound around 11pm, I called him. He picked and warned me to not call his line again. As I was about calling him again, he came out and commanded his neighbours to throw me out,which they did. Actually, I was really embarrassed. I wept for a few days until I thought I could be happy for life again after his younger brother came back from service.

One faithful Sunday, I saw his brothers picture on Facebook and liked it because of his height and beauty. I praised his brother on his message wall with the intentions that, as a guy, he should construe my meaning of such praises, and he did.

He chatted me back and asked me for my digit, and I gave him pronto. We started talking on phone. I told him about his elder brother, and the short affair we had earlier. He told me to calm down that we should also do our own.

I came to his house the first day, and immediately, we had s-ex cause I was already wetting my self as I saw his s-ex eyes. I expected him to use a condom but he never did. In my mind, I thanked God since pregnancy would facilitate our marriage. After the s-ex, I asked him why he failed to cover himself. He told me that " doing it raw " is most preferred. In addition, I asked, " what if it get pregnant ". He responded, " that one is your own cup of tea", adding that I should not hair allowed him to do without.

Later, I told him to not worry, since I have my money to take care of my self. I also added that he should always do me without cause I wanted my waist to enlarge. The funniest part is that, he would Bleep me,i would give him money also. I thought I would hold him with money and s-ex since he doesn't have any job as at that time. Even the day I was going for a night vigil at our church, I still branch to Bleep him and still gave him 3k before going for the vigil the same night.

After a few weeks, I became pregnant. I told him about that. He said that I should keep the baby. He added that, after 9months, he would run a DNA test to check if the child would be his so that he could go with the child alone without me, but it was unfortunate since I later lost the child through miscarriage.

Ever since I lost the child, I hair been having an unnecessary bleeding. Infact, to yell you hoe I love him, I have told my parents about him. I told them that I would give him money to pay for my bride price. My parents accepted but he never did cause he used to call me ashawo each time I call him on phone.

I call him all sort of love names, and even promise to send him money but he still rejects.

I don't know what to do. Infact, he threatened to post my pictures on Facebook if I continue to call him,so that the world would see who is begging for husband. But such threats still could not make me to leave him alone.

He also told me how that his elder brother has told him hoe I tried to force my self on him but he pushed me away. I don't just know why people that I love use to do me bad despite my sincerity.

To be sincere, I even lied against him in front of a reverend father. I told the priest again, how he promised me marriage, and later ran away after he had impregnated me.

I want to stop calling him or even to send him text messages as he had warned me. But I still cannot.
Each time I close my eyes, I use to see his face. I want him out but I still wish he could come back to me.

Please advice me.

This is my story!

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