How to Get Fast Relieve from Toothache without taking Drug

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A toothache or tooth pain is not a thing I will like anybody to experience, those peoples that have experienced it know what it’s like. I've experienced it before and I know how painful having toothache is. So today want to share with you two ways you can get fast relieved from a toothache without taking any drug. If you got no toothache, you can still get experience from this article to help others with or to help yourself in the future.

How to Get relieved from a toothache without taking Drug

Tips: Relive from a toothache without taking drug

1. Saltwater: You can get fast relieved from a toothache by dissolving a teaspoon of table salt in a cup of boiling water. Use the salt water when its worm, swish the water in your mouth around the teeth for like 30 seconds then pure it out. This does wonder by cleaning the affected area and also draws out some of the fluids that cause the swelling. The using of salt in worm waster a means to get relieved from toothache without taking drug works like magic. You can do it as many time, you can when needed.

SECOND TIPS: Relive from a Toothache without Taking Drug

Onion is another way peoples have used to use for fast relief from a toothache, including me. Onion works wonder when you chew it for about two to 5 minutes you will notice the pain will dramatically go or you feel great relieved from a toothache. While growing up I had a terrible tooth pain that I could not talk, leaf, eat or cry, after taking some painkiller drugs and there was no relive. So I made a research and found onion as good way to get relive from the tooth pain, so that morning I took an onion and eat it and I got great to relive within a few minutes after chewing it, I that couldn’t eat or open my mouth well started eating and I was very happy. So if you're having tooth pain I recommend using onion because it works for me and I have seen others it works for also.

Your Turn!
Have you experience toothache before, or have seen anyone who has experienced it, let us know how it was and how you got relive from the tooth pain.
Please use the comment box, let’s see what you have to share it will be of help to someone you never know or expected.

Kill the toothache.
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