fuel scarcity kleeqersBuying fuel in Lagos during scarcity can be very daunting a task, the queues are usually 'unapologetically' long and annoyingly unorganized. The touts (area boys) and bus drivers mostly make the experience one to always remember whenever you see a filling station with queue.

Ok, today being Saturday, is one of the days in the week I look forward to as I get to

clean, cook, listen to music, see movies and relax after 5days of 9 to 5 job. I was really looking forward to today but unfortunately I witnessed it worse as there was no power supply as usual in recent times (Nepa, PHCN or whatever they are now has done their worse) and to cap it up, there is no fuel in the generator so I am out.

I picked up the gallon after much thought of how to survive today; I headed straight for the station hoping to get some gas for the generator. I was surprised to see the number of people, buses, cars and gallons waiting to be blessed with this scarce commodity. “My goodness there is fuel scarcity” those are the only words I could muster to myself as I settle to pick a spot for my own gallon on the queue. I got to the station some few minutes before 8am but I heard people saying they’ve been there since 5am hmmm...I got there by 7:30am hoping to get fuel and probably be home at 7:40 max but the “Nigerian situation” was just sitting there and staring at me like “see this joker” LOL .

I sha met people (touts, okada men, conductors) fighting over “I first you come” matter pushing, shouting and shoving gallons around. These people actually made the experience worth remembering. LOL...As always, preferential treatments and sentiments will always be a part of a situation like this...we sha had police men, army officers, neighbors and well-wishers of the owner of the filling station coming to get fuel and leaving like those on the queue were invisible...all I could hear behind me was one guy shouting “Say no to oppression, I refuse to be oppressed”.

For a moment I agreed with his chant but the next second I’m like yo dude, better beg for fuel and stop jonsing yourself...lol. Any way long and short, I finally got fuel and got home at 10:15.
My weekend started off great I must say. smile....have an amazing weekend guys.



By Nana

nana kleeqers

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