danfo kleeqersI am already laughing even before typing this. I had to pull out my Ipad to share this story... I just cant keep the laughs to myself.

So i'm on the bus heading to Ikeja from the island, presently on 3rd Mainland bridge (This traffic though, Whew). Anyway, this man comes to sell his product in yoruba and he says

"Sperm is from the brain"

Ordinarily I do not listen to this people but this one caught my attention.

Now he's telling them not to operate on their bre@sts because nobody has ever done it and survived...that his drug is the best for cancer... are you kidding me, LMAO

He started pointing at fashola's tree that Indians came and took everything and came back to tell us "GLND, Trevo..."

Lmao...so he says, if u buy fresh bread from bakery you're killing yourself. You should keep the bread for at least 3 days before eating.

As hilarious as they sound, this is the craziest... He just brought out a drug to make you “lose weight” but the only side effect is that it will make you “eat a lot”.
Sigh, I could have been on a funnier bus. Lol

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