I was on a forum and someone asked this question “Who Is More Beautiful? Igbo Girls Vs Fulani Girls.” According to him- (continue reading and see pictures of ladies from both tribes)

“Dear Nigerians we all know the Igbo and fulani girls are the most beautiful in Nigeria. I have travelled down to the South East, South West, and South South and Igbo girls beauty is undisputed in the Southern part of Nigeria. Most of them are light skinned. Now wonder I want one as a third wife. 
Fulani girls of the Northern part of Nigeria are also beautiful. Most of them dress without makeup. They are tall, light skinned and have everything you want in a woman.
I just can't figure out who is more beautiful.”

I have always asked myself this question and my answer as always been that Igbo girls are most beautiful in Nigeria. Probably because I see more of the Igbos than I see the Hausa/Fulanis. (you know their culture/religion wouldn't really allow them put their pictures out there for public views) and they are most resident in the north.

Now, so as to clear this doubt and believe, I have decided to throw it open to us to decide from these few randomly selected pictures of the Igbos and Hausa/Fulanis.



Bunky Collage1



fnky Collage1





nky Collage1

Be the judge who is more beautiful?

drop your comment below, i would be glad to hear from you.



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