kliq nairaJust in the car I heard Yaw on 95.1 fm wazobia radio station I guessed, he said something that blew mind away.... Naira is now 255 to 1 dollar. All I could muster was JESUS!!! has it gotten that bad, some few months back it was at 150naira and we were all complaining of the untold hardship that has been meted out to citizens of this our great nation now it is...

230naira and falling.

I don’t want to talk politics or how bad the Nigerian successive government had been, all I care to share is how this current situation may likely affect our individual economy. How it would affect our pockets. How much is your salary really worth? Can you still afford the lifestyle you currently enjoy in the next 6months? These are troubling questions I want us to answer. What plans have we put in place for these uncertainties, what steps have you taken to curb the present situation as an individual?
Price of commodities have started skyrocketing, since our dear country is import dependent, cost of production will go up, there will be increase in the price of garri (lol, that thing has been saving lives since 1940) even though there is no direct connection.

Abeg!, enough bad news jare, e don too plenti. All we can hope for now is for the new government to stabilize the persistent fall of naira and for us as individuals to work out ways to cushen the effect of this hazard by working with a budget, cutting expenses and/or increasing our income by starting a side business so as to maintain status quo.

I don’t know, you might have a better advice to how we can go about this financial war.
Please drop you advise in the comment box, believe you will be saving lives



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