If you are in a relationship or you are planning on starting one, one question that would always come across your mind would be "Does he truly love me?" Pondering on this question can give you a terrible headache.

Some women in an attempt to know if their man truly loves them go to the length of searching their phones and stalking them on social media.

In the long run, there effort mostly pan out to bear terrible result especially if their partner becomes aware of their action.

You don’t necessarily need to stalk your man or go through his WhatsApp to know if he truly loves you. You can easily tell if he loves you by keeping your ears attune to the words he says.When a man truly loves you, they care so much about you and they want to see you safe and happy


True love is not about repeating these words "I love you" over and over again. Here are 3 things your man would say if he truly loves you.





      1. “Can I be of help?”


 If your man truly loves you, he would be quick to offer you help all the time. Sometimes the help doesn't have to be related to money it could be carrying your bag or helping you open a can. He would want your life to be easy all the time.


  1. “I would be happier if you were here”

When a man truly loves you, he would be in the coziest place in the world but would still tell you on phone or via text message that he would be more happier if you were with him because your presence injects fun and happiness.


  1. “In the future….”

If you are in doubt whether he loves you or not, be attentive whenever you are having a conversation with him about future plans. A man that truly loves you would say "in the future, you and I would take that trip together"…."When we're old, we will be there for each other"..…"Our first child would be named Ade". If he is planning a future with you, be rest assured that the love is real.


If you are in a relationship with someone who always says the three things to you, you're lucky because you have someone who loves you with all his heart. Do you agree with our list? drop a comment and share this article with your friend to see what they think.

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