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I have been away form my corporate space for quite sometime, trying to get a little bit of rest to my system, mostly to my brain which could ironically have been burning up and smoking guns if we all had spiritual eyes.

On my first day back to my space, I met a friend that works in a totally different corporate environment at lunch hour, we talked a lot about work, which brought us to talks about his team and how a lot of people get detached and as such can simply act the way they want. Funny thing is, they actually do get away with it.

Permit me once again to probe into the idea of being

detached at work. Call me strict or mean, but I’m of the opinion that people should be completely involved in the work they are employed to do for the 9 hours they are employed to do the job.

Let’s begin with punctuality. I take it we all have things that mean a lot to us like things that we don’t joke with, places we would rather never go late to. Owning a business, a growing business is like owning a new born child, you have to attend to the child’s needs even in the middle of the night when the child wakes up screaming down the roof, as the child grows, and starts going to school, most parents will have to wake up early to make breakfast/lunch for the child to take to school, because this child isn’t going to starve when they get to school and you can’t do it at your convenience as the child must also not go late to school because of your neglect or reluctance to get out of bed. Other parents will employ a house keeper or a maid to do the job depending on prefernecs. If we are paid to be at an office at 8 a.m, we just have to device a means to be there at 8a.m because the employer’s bills begins count at exactly 8a.m not 9a.m. It just pays to deliver punctuality to the employer. The secret of being in time, is that proper planning and better brain relation is done before the hustle begins.

Secondly, let’s talk adding value. I meet with a lot of people daily who tell me about how much their pay has a lot to do with their returns and as such must do whatever it takes to deliver extra value, even more than is required to the company they work with. I have them really close to me and I see them go the extra mile to bring what is required. But some other people who feel they don’t owe these ones anything, work at their own(very slow) pace, at the detriment of others. Just like a bee colony, our works are co-united with others’ and just like the parts of the body, we need each other badly. The hands need both the brain and the nervous systems to function properly. the heart needs the vein and arteries to also function properly as to regulate some other parts of the body as well. Value is the reason we were all given jobs, its the reason we are not all just sleeping at home, it is the reason we have customers yearning to have business dealings with us, Value is the major essence of business existence and if you’re not adding value to any business you find yourself, then you are as good as useless to the organisation.

When you work, work like your entire being depends on the 9 hours or 6 hours or whatever amount of hours you have to work for, always bring your A-game to the show(your corporate space) because that’s where your knowledge for the next challenge is being built. A doctor understands that it only takes a second for a patient to pass on and as such, every second counts for the doctor. Every heart beat is a miracle for the patient who is being operated upon by a surgeon and at the end of the day, the surgeon is happy with their work and grateful that the patient is healed and better; that is value delivered even unknown to some.

We are all like weak links made stronger by what value we add to each other’s work.

Be the surgeon in your corporate space that has to do everything to make sure the patient lives and leaves the hospital healthy, be the nurse that supports the doctor/ surgeon at the operting room for the surgery to be a success, be the doctor that understands the count of time, be the mother/house keeper that has to wake up early to get her kid ready for school and be the employer and investor that excpects the best from the employee(which is you).

There’s no such thing as too much value delivered to an organisation, in your little space, do the best you can, to make the next person’s work a walk over and the chain will only continue.

Thanks for reading, I love you and I hope you take it to heart.


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