Hello guys, how are you doing? Happy new year.Today I am going to ask you guys a question. Do you think you are as mature as you should be? If you do not know for sure you will know by the end of this article so keep reading, it is only a 3 minutes read. We are usually made to believe that with age comes maturity which is a big lie. Maturity is something that develops after experiences resurfaces in life. You don’t just magically become mature on your 21st or 25th birthday.

You can mature at a very young age or maybe you will never ever get matured. To find out, we will be taking a interesting journey and explore four signs of someone who is not yet matured no matter how old he or she may be. 

  • You are reactive

Throughout your life there is going to be plenty of times when you have to deal with a difficult or unfortunate situation. Yelling and reacting with anger right away is not the right way to handle upsetting scenario and its a clear sign that you need to grow up. Also, reactive people are often affected by there physical environment. If the weather is good they feel good if the weather is bad they feel bad and allow it affect their attitude and performance.Matured people are rather responsive. They think first before they respond so whether it rains or the sun is smiling brightly makes no difference to them. You simply cannot influence a weather so if you accept what you can’t change and make a choice to move on you will be less upset and come across as more matured. Remember you are what you are today because of the choices you made yesterday.


  • You are obsessed with your looks

Do your mood depends on how you look? Do your self confidence depends on how you look? If your answers are YES then you are not yet matured. More than ever, fashion has become a prominent part in everyone's life so investing time and money on good clothes as in when you need them is reasonable to an extent but being excessively obsessed with your look is a crystal clear sign that you are not yet matured. It is a simple fact that most people are not going to be as good looking as Alex Ekubo or Mercy Johnson so why spend so much time and money and still be anxious about your appearance? Immature people tend to wear provocative clothing and are always engrossed in monitoring how others are looking at them rather than concentrating on other aspects of their life. Mature people realize external appearance will definitely fade away in a few years and they only give it as much attention as it needs. Let me tell you the truth there is only one beautiful and handsome child in the world and every mother has it.


  • You are defensive

Once upon a time, I used to be a very defensive lady in every conversation but I never realized that. I would get defensive if someone said something funny about me. I would always defend and explain rather than laugh over it, Even when my friends told me I was defensive I was like “hell no”. After I realized, I have made considerable improvement in my defense mechanism and my life has been exponentially better. I am not suggesting you should start taking blame for everything on you but sometimes even if it is your fault you just have to let it go and take responsibility for your role in what happened.


  • You like to play the victim

Immature people always love to play victim of circumstances. They always talk about their sad stories from a wicked boss to horrible parents, backstabbing friends, very low salary, nagging wife and sometimes all of the above. They have this “oh! poor me” attitude to get people’s sympathy and want everyone to keep telling them eya! or doh! This people all they care about is their life and their problems and they are not looking for solutions they just want to be in their problem zone so they can manipulate others. It is very easy and immature to keep crying over your problems. Strong and matured people on the other hand tackle their problems and acknowledge the problems of others and help resolve them. Playing the victim may help you get sympathy for a short time but in the long run it’s going to make you appear immature and people around you are going to dislike you.To round it up ask your self this question “Am I a matured person”?

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