We often talk about handsomeness. Well, who really is a handsome man? Is it about the height, bread or muscular appearance? Most men who aren't physically built think they are not handsome but that's not true. Handsomeness is not only about looks. It comprises of your outward appearance and your inward features. We at kleeqers have made up an acronym with the word handsome and it clearly depicts who really is a handsome man. Without further ado lets begin:

Honest; In all situation, a handsome man always tells the truth.

Attentive; A handsome man pays full attention to his lady. He would turn off drop the gamepad to listen wholeheartedly to a lady.

Neat: An handsome man takes personal hygiene seriously. He smells fresh and always has a clean haircut.

Dress well: Dressing well doesn't mean you must wear a tuxedo every day. Just ensure the sleeves, shirt, jean or whatever clothes you are wearing are clean and ironed properly

Smart: A handsome man doesn't sit on the couch all day watching football or basketball. He engages himself in other intellectual activities like reading a book or watching a documentary.

Organized: From his daily schedule to his closet, a handsome man is organized and does his thing meticulously.

Money: This is very important. A big muscle is worthless without a big wallet. A handsome man knows the importance of money and would be ready to work day and night to cater for his family.

Exercise: Working out is of utmost priority to a handsome man, He knows the importance of exercising and does it with great enthusiasm.

Do you possess all of these qualities? If yes, then you are a very handsome man even if you have no six pack or you have no bread.

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