Waking up every morning it is our second nature to pray, brush our teeth and then head straight to the bathroom. However, the way we take our bath are not the same. While in the bathroom, we tend to begin bathing with a certain body part. We are unaware of this decision and it tells a lot about our personality. At kleeqers, we have put together a list of the body parts we wash first while bathing and what it says about you



If your face is the first thing you  wash when bathing that means you tend to worry about what others think about you. You also worry about unimportant things, you are easily frustrated and can get stressed up very quick. You are afraid of criticism and you find it hard to trust people.



Washing your head or hair first means you are very pessimistic, strong-willed and obstinate. You manage your time wisely and you always strive for equality and detest oppression.



For those who wash you their feet first, it means you are down to earth and very humble.



If you find yourself washing your arms or hands immediately you get into bathroom that means you loving helping others and don't hold back in giving to those in need. You have great strength and very thoughtful.



If you tend to wash your armpit first, it means you are honest and detest liars.You are a reliable and trustworthy person. You are very hard-working and people like hanging around you.



If you wash your private parts first, it means you are very shy person with low self-esteem. You are very quiet in social gathering but you have a very kind heart. You are not quick to anger but when angered, your rage is like an inferno. 



Washing your back immediately you begin bathing means you are the type of person who enjoys being alone. You love daydreaming and sleeping. You don't like making friends and you find it hard to trust people.



If you wash your chest first while bathing it means you are a very protective person and family is the most important thing to you. 



People who wash their neck or shoulders first are enthusiastic in everything they do. "Impossible" is not in their dictionary because once they set a mind for something they get it.


What body part do you wash first when bathing? Does it apply to you? 


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