Christmas, the annual festival were people rejoice wholeheartedly, when the aroma of fried rice and chicken foll the air. All around the world, every country as its own unique way of knowing it's Christmas season without checking the calendar. From streets decorations, to that happy feeling inside you. In Nigeria, there are some certain sounds that you must hear when Christmas is in the offing. These sounds have come to define the jolly season in Nigeria.



When you start hearing defeaning fireworks populary known as Banger or knockout, you don't need anybody to tell you Christmas is around the corner. Honestly I'm not a fan of this thunderous sound but hey! It's part of the Christmas spirit in Nigeria. These sound are non stop during the second week of December and it becomes more intense as we usher in the New year.



Christmas is not complete in igeriaa without our delicious feather friend.Before the D-Day, you will start hearing chickens clucking in your neighborhood.Even the poorest of family in your neighborhood would save up money just to buy a chicken for Christmas.



"Long time ago in Bethlehem, so the Holy Bible said.Mary's boy child Jesus Christ, was born on Christmas day"....This is the lyrics to Bonny M Christmas carol titled "Mary's boy child". When Christmas is approaching, you will begin to hear this song in the strrest and your neighborhood. Even though there are tons of Christmas carols to play during this time, Nigerians are glued to this Bonny M Christmas carol and  it's our second nature to put it on replay.


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