Every student dream when they get admitted into the university is to perform excellently and graduate with flying colors. But unfortunately a large proportion of those who get admitted struggle throughout there years at the university and in the long run, they graduate with a very weak second class upper or a third class. Some on the other hand, don't even have a certificate to show after four years at the university.

The reason for this sad turn of event is not because they were dull or they don’t like studying, they all had a vision when queuing up under the hot sun at their respective jamb center but sadly when they got into the university they were some factors that blindfolded them.Have you ever been blindfolded? You couldn't see anything right? This is what happens to you when you get blindfolded at the university- you won't be able to see your academic goals. Below are the factors that can blindfold a student from soaring high at the university;



B= Betting/Being Beautiful

If you are a guy and you want to make your parents or guardian proud, stay far away from betting houses. I have seen brilliant student flush there destiny away because of virtual soccer, both teams to score, clean sheet, Home win, and the rest jargons. For the ladies, The University is not a beauty pageant. If you become obsessed with looking beautiful all the time, you will end up using your money for a handout or school-related activities to buy the latest makeup. By doing so you don’t become beautiful you only end up being a beauty fool.

L= Lust

You were sent to the university to acquire knowledge not to acquire a boyfriend or girlfriend. Many undergraduates mistake lust for love. Focus on your books and not winning the heart of that boy or girl.

I= I Love fashion

When you get carried away by fashion you won't be able to pay full attention to your academic. The time you supposed to invest into your academics, you will end up using it visiting boutiques buying the latest jeans, bags and fashion accessories. You may even develop the habit of lying to your parents just to drain them of money to meet up with your fashion demands.

N=Negative feelings

Negative feeling like malice, anger, hatred, jealousy, and pride should stay far away from you if you want to succeed in the university. Always try and be optimistic, be happy, be humble and prayerful.

D= Drugs

Drugs! Drugs!! Drugs!! Just as the spelling begins with a letter D, drugs can be very deadly. If you don’t want to kill your academic dreams, stay very far away from marijuana, tramadol, codeine any other kind of hard drugs. It is better to study hard and get high grades that will take you to beautiful places than to take hard drugs and end up in the asylum. The choice is yours.


As the saying goes show me your friend and I will tell you who you are, When you get into the university, be careful with the kind of people you call, your friends. The university is like a big sea and the kind of friendship you build will determine if you will sail through or you will crumble and sink. Make friends with God-fearing and intelligent students.


The secret to getting good grades in the university is through constant study, but many students eye get closed. immediately they open their textbook. It is not because they were involved in any rigorous activity but they tend to overeat. When you over eat, you become drowsy. Eat when you are hungry not when you feel like.

L=Love of partying

As an undergraduate, The love of partying is the beginning of failing. Spend time in the libary not in the club. Hold your books dearly not a bottle of alcohol.

D= Dilly-Dally

Dilly-Dally simply means to procrastinate (waste time). As an undergraduate, Procrastination can be your worst enemy. For example, you have a test tomorrow and you ought to study, but you say to yourself let me just surf the web for 10 minutes. Before you know it, surfing the web as turn into chatting on Whatsapp, watching a movie online and before you realize its already too late to prepare for your test. Don’t allow procrastination to eat up your productivity. Endeavor to be decisive and disciplined.

S= Scamming

Undergraduates these days are now involved in internet scamming just to make quick money. Don't be tempted by the flashy cars and gadgets of your coursemates who are into scamming. Be focused, study hard and in just a matter of time you would be able to buy such kind of cars and phones whereas all those your coursemates by then will be behind bars.

Now you have seen the factors that blindfold many undergraduates from soaring high at the university, make a wise decision today by avoiding any of these blindfolds and you will see yourself graduating in flying colors.

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